Le Phat in English


Incense perfumes the atmosphere,

I vow, I vow to your immeasurable heart

May you, may you certify our sincerity

The smoke, the smoke of incense represents our worship

The beauty of Dharma goes through all around the world

Due to the truth, all beings can escape samsara

We all together keel down here, under the lotus’s calyx

to give the purity, beautiful, and perfumed flowers to you

The halo is so bright

Rely on Buddha of ten directions, we are wholesome

Thousands of your teachings light up everywhere they go

Buddhist all refuge and practice together to be awake (enlightened)






We, the Buddha disciples, respectively bow to

Sakyamuni  Buddha,

Amita Budha,

Buddha of the ten directions,

Immeasurable Dharma teaching,

And to the Saints, Sages, and Sanghas.

For many lives and many kalpas,

We have distresses of the past and present karma ,

Greed, anger, and arrogance,

Ignorance and false belief.

Today with Buddha’s teaching,

We know our mistakes,

Sincerely repent our wrong-doings.

Vow not to do bad deeds.

Vow to do good deeds.

We look for Buddha’s blessing, compassionately assists us,

Our body is not in pain,

Our mind is not in grief,

Practice Buddhism peacefully every day,

Buddha’s miraculous power,

Bring us out of the Life and Death Cycle,

Enlighten our mind and our nature,

Give us the clear wisdom & unlimited energy and power.

Save our ancestors, our parents and siblings.

Our relatives near and far,

All living beings

All achieve the Buddha’s path


Bốn Lời Nguyện/ The Four Great Vows

Living beings are infinite in number,

I wow to liberate from their suffering

The afflictions of emotion and delusion are inmumberrable,

I vow to end them.

The way of practice is limitless,

I vow to learn and practice them

The path of the Awakened One is the highest,

I vow to realize it.


Quy Y Tam Bảo/ To Take Refuge in 3 Jewels


To take refuge in the Buddha, I vow all living creatures follow Buddhism and open their heart to all beings.

To take refuge in the Dharma, I vow all living creatures fully comprehend Buddha’s teaching and gain boundless wisdom such as the ocean.

To take refuge in the Sangha, I vow all creatures harmonize and completely unify with each other.


Hồi Hướng Công Đức/ Forwarding the Achieved Merits

Vow to share all achieved merits with all beings

All Buddhist and all beings can attain enlightenment



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